Acne is one of the most common conditions seen by Dermatologists in private practice. More than 14 million Americans are treated for Acne each year.

Certain group of patients are unique such as pre-puberal patients.

Pre-puberal Acne is the one that presents in patients between 7-11 years old.

Data suggest that patients are developing Acne at an earlier age than they did 30 years ago.

Recognition of acne in pre-teens may help prevent more serious acne latter in life.

The treatment of pre-teen Acne will be determined by the severity of the problem.

Because most cases of pre-teen Acne are comedonal ( just black heads and white heads), topical treatment is the first line of treatment.

Patients and parents need to understand that Acne is a chronic condition that may need months or years of treatment. Treatment is important since Acne early in life may be a predictor of more severe Acne in the future.