Tattoo Removal

  Advances in laser technology have made tattoo removal safer and more
  effective than ever. Whether you are experiencing feelings of regret
  over your tattoo, or the appearance of your tattoo has changed or
  faded over time, laser tattoo removal can provide complete removal of
  the ink for many patients.

How it works

  Short bursts of laser energy are directed at the tattooed area,
  breaking down the ink and allowing it to be absorbed by the body over


  Laser tattoo removal may feel like a rubber band snapping against your
  skin, or similar to the feeling of getting a tattoo. A topical
  analgesic may be applied to minimize discomfort. Most tattoos require
  between five and 15 treatments to completely remove. Treatments are
  performed at six- to eight-week intervals.


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  The success of the tattoo removal varies, depending on several
  factors. Your body will break down tattoo pigment at its own unique
  rate, which can be influenced by the state of your immune system.
  Other factors also affect the rate of the ink breakdown, including
  your skin tone, the types of ink or colors used, and the depth of the

  Tattoos that are fresh or faded will generally respond to treatment
  more quickly, as will tattoos containing black, red, dark orange, or
  dark blue ink. Amateur tattoos typically do not penetrate the skin as
  deeply and are therefore easier to remove. Colors such as green,
  purple, brown, light orange or light blue may require more treatments,
  as well as a tattoo that has been covered with another.

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